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Kids Day Camp March 22nd!

This month G3 America Camps is hosting a Kids Day Camp for early release day on March 22nd! This exciting and awesome camp day will include a field trip to SkyZone! This will be a great way to build momentum towards our Spring Break Camp which is just the week following. In addition to the field trip, students will have the opportunity to participate in a list of engaging, fun, and challenging activities!

Activities during our Kids Day Camps include:

•Team games

•Martial Arts classes

•Field trips

•Group games

•Ninja warrior challenges

•Movie time

•Rock climbing

•Indoor soccer tournaments

•Leadership and character development training


•Air Track

•.      More!

G3 America Kids Day Camps are designed for single day holidays and breaks. Our day camps are full of fun, beneficial, and exciting, activities for students! Instead of your child sitting around on a weekday, G3 Day Camp provides the opportunity for students to be active and engage with other kids their age all day long! Each day camp will have a new set of activities and themes, always giving students something to look forward to! Drop off is at 7 am, and pickup is at 6:00 pm!

For more information or to register, please contact us!


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