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Summer Camp 2020 Arena Games

Every year we host our G3 America Kids Summer Camp with the purpose and goal that it is a fun, constructive, educational, and unforgettable time for all students participating! Our camp includes a variety of activities, field trips, talks, and Martial Arts classes, always encouraging and challenging campers to become their best and to develop their confidence and social skills.

This 10-week program is divided into multiple structured, fun, and beneficial activities. Some of the activities included are:

  • Martial arts classes
  • Field trips
  • Theme based shows and activities
  • Group games
  • Ninja warrior challenges
  • Basketball
  • Indoor soccer
  • Team Games
  • Rock climbing
  • Movie time
  • Crafts
  • Basketball
  • Air Track
  • Leadership and character development training
  • and more!

Every summer day at our camp is a new and exciting opportunity to have fun and grow! We have made it our goal to provide the best possible experience for our campers and parents, preparing them to jump into the approaching school year with a fresh mind and body, ready to do their best!

For more information on our upcoming Kids Summer Camp schedule or to inquire, please contact us.

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