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Spring Break 2020 will be a 5-day adventure full of Competitions, Field Trips, Sports, Martial Arts, Leadership, and fun!! We are intentional about “making it count”, so every year we create a different Spring Break Theme with new games and activities! Our theme is “The Arena Games” and it will be fun and challenging a little sample of what summer will look like!

Spring Break Activities

  • Fun Field Trips: Calypso Cove, Off The Wall, Intensity
  • Jr Ninja Warrior and Acrobatic Air Track
  • Martial Arts Self Defense and Weapons Classes
  • Soccer Team Challenges
  • Basketball, Dodge Ball, and Team Challenge Tournaments
  • Obstacle Courses / Strength and Conditioning
  • Time to draw closer to God and pray for our friends and family
  • Competition Classes and TaeKwonDo Daily Program/Classes
  • Leadership Talks
  • And more!!!

We believe every child is a CHAMPION made for greatness, with an unmatched purpose and unique gifts. Our goal, besides providing an amazing and fun time, is to build their confidence, faith, and understanding of what has been made available to them. We do this believing they can make a natural and supernatural impact in the lives of others, and live an outstanding and purposed life! Our kids are the next generation, and they carry an enormous potential to make great things happen!

It will be an explosion of awesomeness and fun!!!

We are looking forward to an incredible Spring! Registrations are now open!

To Register, fill out, print, and send the forms below to [email protected] , or just stop by and drop them off!

Registration Forms

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