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Summer Camp 2020 Arena Games

We are very excited to announce that G3 America Martial Arts will be hosting its “ALL AMERICAN” Summer Camp 2020!! Our activities and games will engage our campers in “THE ARENA GAMES” themed challenges, games, drills and more, while having a lot of fun!!

This year we are applying different measures due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Our capacity is reduced and therefore our spaces are limited. Our inside activities and afternoon specials will be themed, fun and social distance will be applied and followed as much as possible. Here is some of the rules and what to expect:

- Common areas and bathrooms will be periodically clean and sanitized throughout the day. All cleaning procedures will be done according to guidelines daily.

- We will have hand sanitizing stations placed around common areas and mat, however we ask campers to bring extra hand sanitizing and wipes for personal use before snacks and after snacks.

- Pick Up and Drop Off: parents will meet staff at the front door for drop-off and pick-up. Staff will walk you child into the facility and will bring your child to the door at pick up time.

- No sharing of toys and food.

- This years we will not be performing field trips for the safety of our staff and campers.

- Students must bring enough water for the day (water fountain will be turned off), additional snacks (if needed) and lunch. We will have available a daily lunch pack for purchase for $5 (2 slices of pizza plus drink).

- Camper must bring their own mask. Masks will be worn during acceptable situations

- Campers will be kept 6 feet  part whenever is possible.

- If not paid in full, initial payment of 2 weeks is required along with registration. please refer to weekly payment sheet below.

We believe every child was made for greatness and for an unmatched purpose with unique gifts and our goal, besides providing an amazing and fun time, is to build their confidence, faith and understanding what has been made available to them in believing they can make a natural and supernatural impact in the life of others and live an outstanding and purposed life!! Our kids are the next generation and they carry an enormous potential to make great things happen… It will be a powerful, joyful and unforgettable summer!!

We are very excited!! Fun, challenges, leadership instruction and a lot more!!! All partnering with God to be transformed by His Love and have the best Summer ever!!

Our spaces are limited and we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Registrations are now open and spaces are limited! Call (954) 971-5233 for additional information and availability.

Summer Camp Registration Forms

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List of Activities

Below you will find a list of activities

Indoor Activities

  • THE ARENA GAMES Themed Challenges and Activities
  • THE ARENA GAMES Arts and Crafts projects
  • History of SPORTS/ ARENA GAMES Prizes Contest
  • Air Track Acrobatic Classes
  • Weekly Specials: basketball, soccer, dance, tumbling etc…
  • Basic and Advanced Gymnastic Jumps and Acrobatic tricks
  • Leadership daily talk and projects
  • Martial Arts Self Defense Classes and Weapons
  • and Team Challenge Tournaments
  • Obstacle Courses / Strength and Conditioning
  • Take the time to draw closer to God and pray for our friends and family
  • Competition and TaeKwonDo Daily Program/Classes and others